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We deliver customized operational solutions to small-and medium-sized clients at all stages of the growth cycle on “as-needed” basis. Our team comprises senior leaders and associates with GLOBAL experience in Logistics and Customs.

Xpansion’s fractional and on-project concepts were built to address the Logistics and Customs compliance needs of small-and medium-sized companies. Most of our clients are experiencing rapid growth. They want to bring a culture of customs compliance and best logistics practices to their organizations, and use their resources wisely in dealing with customs regulations and the many complexities of Global Trade.

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Our Team

Erika Giles

Erika Giles

Founder, Managing Director View Details
Simon Pannatt

Simon Pannatt

Europe-Based Advisor View Details
Kyle Reid

Kyle Reid

Consultant - Fractional Support View Details
Erika Giles

Erika Giles

Founder, Managing Director

Erika serves as the delivery lead for clients. Prior to starting Xpansion Consulting Group, Erika was the director of Global Logistics for BlackBerry, one of the global leaders in mobile communications. Erika’s successes include building processes, systems and world-class teams to leverage rapid growth across several manufacturing sites and customer fulfillment distribution.
Erika has a proven record with more than 15 years of experience in Global Logistics and Trade Compliance. Her expertise includes leadership in cross-functional teams, delivering results on global-scale projects, and managing multi-million dollars budgets. Through her career, Erika has developed a global network of experienced logistics professionals, and uses these connections to offer her clients the best access to knowledgeable and experienced talent.

Simon Pannatt

Simon Pannatt

Europe-Based Advisor

Simon assists the firm in an advisory capacity. Simon has over 20 years of experience from world-class companies including Samsung, Blackberry, and Panalpina. Proven track record, providing strong internal and third party management control results. Excellent Pan European communication and relationship skills.

Kyle Reid

Kyle Reid

Consultant - Fractional Support

Kyle is a goal-oriented, well-rounded professional with 11 years of experience in Global Logistics. His area of expertise includes multi-modal transportation, expedited and, – priority shipments, international customs regulations, as well as reverse logistics planning and analysis, with a focus on financial efficiency and B2B partner operations management.

Education and Certifications

CIFFA Certificate: includes International Transportation and Trade and Essentials of Freight Forwarding.

PM01: Project Management Fundamentals. PM02: Project Management, Leadership and Communication.

APICS Principles of Operations Management, Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management, Introduction to

Enterprise Resources Planning.


Clients we have helped

Clearpath Robotics Inc.
O2 Canada
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Our Services

Not every activity warrants the investment in full-time or permanent resources. Xpansion provides access to knowledgeable, – experienced Supply Chain Logistics and Customs talent on an “as-needed” and cost effective basis, whether as fractional operational support, project-specific support, or risk assessment programs.


Fractional Operational Support

business-support-Fractional_supportOur Fractional Support provides practical solutions to small-and medium-sized organizations. We provide experienced and talented experts with a flexible schedule that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations!

A fractional concept is more common than you think. Small and Medium-sized organizations already use the fractional concept for some of their required professional services; a lawyer, for instance, is typically engaged on a fractional or as-needed basis.

The Fractional Operational Support approach is the most cost-effective way to maximize and position your resources. You choose what you need and when you need it.

Xpansion delivers the right resources, at the right time and at the right price!

How does it work?

Engagements can be contracted on an hourly rate, with pre-determined deadlines and results. Examples of support provided include: customs invoice preparation, certificates of origin preparation and verification, assistance to release shipments when stuck at customs, tracking and notification delays, export declaration, and ATA Carnets.


Risk and Process Assessments

RiskBased on a study by American Shipper magazine, small-to medium-sized companies don’t even bother to track import-export activities. This failure to measure import and export operations is practically an admission of business management failure.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed
– Peter Drucker

We provide an initial assessment that examines your current state, processes, and trade compliance policies to determine your exposure to customs penalties. This can help you establish short-term and long-term priorities.

How does it work?

Engagements can be contracted on a project basis with an hourly rate or fixed rate, with pre-determined deadlines and results.

We take the following steps to conduct the Risk and Process Assessment:

  1. An on-site kickoff meeting to complete an assessment survey questionnaire. The assessment includes five critical areas: Classification, Origin, Valuation, Documentation Management, and Metrics.
  2. Review of current documents and processes.
  3. After analysis of the findings, we provide an executive summary with our observations and recommendations.
  4. We work with you to develop a road map to close the gaps based on priorities. Providing you on-going support.

Project Consulting

Your company is growing rapidly, and resources are focused on reactive-tactical activities (putting out the fires). At some point you encounter a situation that requires a more strategic and expert engagement.  Xpansion helps navigate during firefighting times by providing you the expertise to achieve results under budget and within tight schedules.

Specialties include:

  • Advanced Ruling for Tariff Classification and Origin (Drafting and Submission)Projec
  • Classification Verification for Duty Accuracy
  • Origin Determination (Certificates of Origin Preparation)
  • Import and Export Permits
  • ACS Reconciliation Process (Inter-company Price Reconciliation)
  • Drawback Analysis
  • Global Distribution (Route Optimization Analysis)
  • Freight and Brokerage Cost Analysis
  • C-TPAT and PIP Certification Process
  • Import and Export Compliance Manuals
  • Logistics and Trade Compliance KPIs
  • Logistics Service Providers Scorecards

How does it work?

Engagements can be contracted on a project basis with an hourly rate or fixed rate, with pre-determined deadlines and results.

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