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Regulatory and Compliance

Goods you import and export require customs classification; the correct tariff classification of goods is a key component in determining duties.

Xpansion can assist your company in reviewing tariff classification, eligibility for duty-free under free trade agreements, and development of customs documentation and compliance procedures.

Product & Bill of Materials duty determination (Tariff classification, Customs Rulings)
NAFTA country of origin validation and certificate preparation
Import and Export Documentation (Customs Invoice, ATA Carnet, IATA Battery, Import/Export Permits)
Customs Compliance Self-Assessment and Duty Recovery Programs (Drawback)

Logistics Management

Your company is growing rapidly, and resources are focused on reactive-tactical activities (putting out the fires). Based on a study by American Shipper magazine, small-to medium-sized companies don’t even bother to track import-export activities.

Xpansion can provide the visibility required to ensure your logistics activity is under control. What Gets Measured Gets Managed!

Third Party Logistics Providers Management Program (Scorecard Design, Internal KPIs, SLAs, freight spend tracking and reporting)
Freight and Customs brokerage Procurement (RFPs, cost comparison analysis, Contracts and Rates Negotiation)
Maturity level diagnostic
Project Management

Importer of Record (IOR)

For countries outside the US, Canada, EU and few other exemptions, a local legal entity is required to act as the government party responsible to conduct import and export transactions. A global third-party IOR can act as a local importer on your behalf, facilitating customs clearance, allowing you to reach other markets, reducing your exposure to corporate taxes and deliver a better customer experience (no end-customer interaction). By partnering with Xpansion, you join forces with a worldwide IOR network in more than 197 countries.

This model is more suited for companies selling intangible services to customers based on annual/monthly subscriptions (hardware is not sold). Examples of such companies are cloud service providers, managed service providers (MSPs), and medical hardware.

IOR representation (payment of duties/taxes, import permits and licenses, record keeping and customs compliance)
IOR Implementation and roll out project (Benchmark analysis, contract-negotiation, training, SOPs)
Exporter of record (EOR)
Import Value Added Tax (VAT recovery)


Based in Canada’s Technology Triangle, Xpansion is a boutique logistics management and trade compliance consulting firm. Our team comprises senior leaders and associates with GLOBAL experience in Logistics and Customs regulations.

We work with startups and small companies shipping internationally.

Your company may not have in-house expertise in international customs regulations or enough large-scale import/export activity to warrant full-time dedicated resources. Xpansion’s fractional and on-project support provide access to knowledgeable and experienced logistics-customs professionals “as-needed” delivering the right resources at the right time!

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